Building A New Catalonia

‘Building A New Catalonia – self-determination and emancipation’ was published in January 2019 – it brings together a range of writers to discuss political strategies and aspirations for an independent Catalonia.  Limited number of copies available for £9

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Who Killed Hanratty?

Today’s highlighted second hand book is Paul Foot’s ‘Who Killed Hanratty’.  On February 17th 1962 the longest murder trial in British legal history ended with a guilty verdict.  Six weeks later James Hanratty was hanged.  The author Paul Foot was one of the great investigative journalist.  In this book he highlights the negligence, obstinacy and ineptitude of the British establishment that resulted in a deeply flawed prosecution.  Hardback £3.  Email to order.


Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a socialist, environmentalist and activist.  His books provide rich insights into the challenges we face in the tent first century.  We have a number of his books available (see the new books catalogue) and also a couple of them second hand in hardback versions for just £3 – ‘The Monster at the Door’ which takes a wide ranging look at the threat of Avian Flu and ‘Magical Urbanism – Latinos Reinvent the US Big City’.


Bloody Sunday

On January 30 1972 the Parachute regiment shot dead fourteen unarmed civilians in Derry.  The campaign for justice continues to this day.  We have available ‘Bloody Sunday in Derry – what really happened’ £5.99 and ‘The Bloody Sunday Inquiry – the families speak out £10

bloody sunday