A People’s Guide to Capitalism

We now have copies of Hadas Thier’s introduction to Marxist Economics – ‘A People’s Guide to Capitalism’. We have a few copies at the special offer price of £10 – email sfbbooks@gmail.com to order.

A very basic definition of classes as they exist under capitalism begins with this premise: workers have to sell our ability to work, and capitalists buy and command our labor power. You can’t understand either the worker’s or the boss’s class position without understanding that the whole of the system is one in which labor is set to work, in order to produce a profit for someone else.

Class, in other words, is a relationship of exploitation.

Read and excerpt from the book here.

A brief history of commercial capitalism


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“With mind-boggling erudition, command over an extraordinary range of historical materials in multiple languages, and a theoretically sophisticated irreverence for received dogma, Jairus Banaji dislodges many a eurocentric account to offer an absorbing, thought-provoking, and truly global story of the emergence and varieties of capitalism.”—LALEH KHALILI, professor of international politics, Queen Mary University of London and author, Sinews of War and Trade

The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles

Conter Event

Thursday 11th June 6pm – book on eventbrite

How should we understand the capitalist system in light of the interconnected crises we are witnessing? What will the coming economic crisis look like? And how will the system respond? As well as violence and disaster, David Harvey sees the possibility of new forms of resistance emerging in the present moment. In this lecture, he will discuss the themes of his latest book “The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles”, exploring the economic, political and social dimensions of the crisis – and how to build an alternative.

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Edinburgh and Lothians May Day

We would normally have a stall at the May Day Rally – this year the rally has moved online – it will take place at 1pm on Friday 1st May and you can get all the details of how to join on the Edinburgh and Lothians May day website. You might be interested in this account of the history of international workers day by Peter Linebaugh. Just £10 – email sfbbooks@gmail.com to order.

The theme of this years rally is Climate Justice and we’ll be highlighting some relevant books over the next week.


‘Treason – rebel warriors and internationalist traitors’ this collection of essays from the Socialist History Society looks at the history of international solidarity when soldiers have taken strike action and mutinied. Paperback £4. Email sfbbooks@gmail.com to order